Frequently Asked Questions
Homeowner Quarterly Fees
  • chevron_rightHow are Quarterly Assessment Fees Determined?
    Quarterly Assessment Fees are determined each year and are effective on the 1st of January.
    The Quarterly Assessment Fees are derived during the budgeting process, which starts mid-August and is finalized by the Board in November each year. 
    The budgeting process looks at the last two years of Operating expenses to forecast the upcoming Operating budget year.  Added to the Operating needs would be Contributions to Reserves (monies set aside for future major repairs and emergencies). The total of Operating and Reserves is divided among the 1,367 Units (by home type) and then divided by four (4) to arrive at a quarterly contribution.
    Capital Contributions are not part of Quarterly Assessment Fees.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Quarterly Assessment Fees Schedule?
    January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st
    The most efficient and effective way to pay your Quarterly Assessment Fees is to set up an Auto Pay payment online using ClickPay.  You will be notified before each withdrawal and amounts will be automatically adjusted when there are changes. 
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West Palm Beach Services
  • chevron_rightWhat are Pickup Days for Garbage, Recycle, Bulk and Landscape Items?
    Wednesday: Garbage, Recycle, Landscape & Bulk
    Saturday:  Garbage
    City of WPB Phone number: 561-822-2075
    • Trash may be put out after 6pm the night before pickup
    • Trash must be in the proper City-distributed container
    • Three (3) bulk items will be picked up per household per week
      • If you are unsure of an item, please call the City of WPB
      • If you have more than three (3) items, please call the City of WPB to arrange for a special pickup at your expense.
    • Trash containers must be stored so they are not visible from the road or adjoining units on non-pickup days
    • Town Center dumpsters are for the use of RiverWalk staff and commercial tenants only.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Key Phone Numbers for Community Services?
    Comcast (800) 934-6489  Tell them you are part of RiverWalk’s bulk service
    Electric: Florida Power & Light (800) 226-3545  
    Recycling:  Waste Pro (561) 688-8912 Wednesday: Garbage, Recycle, Landscape & Bulk
    Saturday:  Garbage
    Trash:  City of West Palm Beach (561) 822-2075  
    Water:  City of West Palm Beach (561) 822-1300