Features and Functions
Welcome to our new and improved RiverWalk HOA Online website
The following features have been added and/or updated and are available to all Residents who are logged in.
May 15, 2023
We have added an Architectural Control (ACC) page under the HOA and Popular Links menu tabs.  You will find the Architectural Control Guidelines, Applications and Reference material which is required to submit changes to the committee for review.
Canceling an Event Registration
We have added a link to the Event Registration and Your Profile pages, to direct you to Contact Us in order to cancel an event you have registered for and can no longer attend.  Click on the link to send your cancelation request to the "Event Coordinator".  A notification will be sent to the Office - no need to call, visit or send a separate email. 
Apr 12, 2023
Site Search
Site Search allows visitors to search for specific words across pages on the website.   Results are shown in a list format and grouped by feature. Plus, items are clickable and when clicked will take the visitor directly to the page or feature that matched their search criteria.  The matching words which were part of the search are highlighted on the page.
Popular Links
We've added a new menu tab called Popular Links (it's only visible when you are logged in) clicking on any of the items immediately takes you to any one of our pages - Centenni Café Specials and Full Menu, links to the Sports Center reservations page, Guest & Vendor Access and FirstService Residential for Work Orders, Account Balance and Activity, Violations and Architectural Modifications statuses.  
Mar 15, 2023  
Event Registration (Community tab)
Residents are now able to register for Events from the comfort of their own home - 24/7.  No need to visit the office or send an email to sign up. For any Events requiring registration, you'll find the registration links at the Event's description under the Community menu tab: either at Events Registration, or at Upcoming Events, or through the Calendar. Stay tuned we're also working on online Payments - be prepared to put away that checkbook.  
Feb 6, 2023
Login (Banner top right)
  • It's best to always be logged in to see and provide a seamless use of all features of the website.
  • The Login page has a number of links to assist in retrieving your username or password.
  • The Login page has an option to "Remember Me."  This feature will retain your login status for your next visit.
  • Your name is displayed once you have logged in and a Logout button added.
Your Profile (Banner top right)
  • Your online profile information is available to you through the "My Profile" link (top right).
  • Your online profile contains links to change your username, password, add a profile photo, set and update your Directory preferences, view transactions, and event registrations (this feature will be implemented shortly).
  • The Your Profile link will be shown only to Residents who are logged into the website.
2023 Board Members Election Headquarters (HOA tab)
  • Candidate Resumes
  • Key Notes, Dates and Communications
    • Ensure your mailing address is up-to-date to make sure you receive your ballot where you are. 
    • Deadlines to register for electronic voting
    • Candidates Night 
Calendar (Community tab)
  • HOA - Board & Committees and Property Management entries will now be available only to Residents, as some of the entries will contain specific contact information or meeting Zoom links.
  • There's now a category for key Deadlines and Due Dates 
RiverWalk Directory (Community tab)
  • Residents can choose to have their Profile details included in the online RiverWalk Directory. 
  • The Directory is visible and available to Residents only.
  • Participation is controlled and managed through Your Profile. 
Classifieds (Community tab)
  • The Classified Ads functionality allows Residents to post items they have for sale. 
  • Classifieds are visible and available to Residents only.
Lost and Found (Community tab)
  • Residents can post items they have lost or found onto the website for other Residents to read.
  • Lost and Found is visible and available to Residents only.
What's New (Help tab)
  • Residents can enter the number of days they would like to scan the website for recent changes. Results are shown in a list format and are grouped by feature. Plus, items are clickable and, when clicked, will take you directly to the page or feature with the update.
Contact Us (Help tab)
  • Use Contact Us to send emails to the President, RiverWalk Talk - Advertising, the Property Manager, or to offer up Suggestions.